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The Bear Lake, Sovata

The Bear Lake in Sovata is the largest salty and heliothermic lake of Europe. The unique natural monument covers an area of 40.235 square meters, it has a circumference of 1,180 meters and a depth of 18 meters. The area where the Bear Lake is located is defined as a natural reserve of national interest.

The lake is the result of complex geological, meteorological and hydrological events which took place between 1875-1880. The salt mass was gradually dissolved by Auriu and Criș-Toplița streams, after which a landfall led to the creation of the lake. The name comes from its shape, which resembles a stretched bearskin.

The baths in the lake’s salty water are recommended for treating rheumatic, endocrinological, and cardiovascular diseases. Also, the silt extracted from the lake brings many benefits.